Available in Android Market
Game where you must tilt spheres into targets to progress between levels while avoiding hazards.
Although this game will work on Android phones that are running at least Froyo (2.2), it was designed primarily with tablets in mind and anything that is not a recent Android device or tablet will probably experience poor performance.


  • 40 levels
  • 8 distinct types of spheres
  • 3D graphics


    Programming - Eric Brown
    Graphics/Testing - Fred Brown

    Freesound Credits:

    brickwall_collapse_reverb.wav by m_O_m
    stone_on_stone_impact3.aif by thanvannispen
    stone_on_stone_impact9.aif by thanvannispen
    stone_on_stone_impact16.aif by thanvannispen
    stone_on_stone_impact_loud4.aif by thanvannispen
    stone_on_stone_impact_loud5.aif by thanvannispen
    object falls (3).wav by FreqMan
    cloth_fold.wav by j1987
    elevatormotor1.wav by cumesoftware
    blast.wav by Benboncan
    bombo1.wav by suzenako